Just a few quick checks will help ensure your artwork is reproduced with maximum integrity and minimize additional costs and delays.

File Types
We recommend all artwork to be supplied in PDF format. If you are supplying Indesign files please “package” them i.e. all links and fonts referenced in the document should be included.

Colours must be set to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) this is because these are the colours used in the printing process. If you supply us RGB artwork we will convert it to CMYK but the colours may not print as you expect it to. (Indigo also offers three additional spot pantones).

Rich Black/Black Text
We recommend a rich black is created with 100% Black, 40% Cyan & 20% Magenta. (Do not use “registration” as a Black in Indesign or Illustrator). There is no need to use any other colour other than 100% Black for Black text.

Image Resolution
Files that include images need to have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), if not the images may appear pixelated or unclear.

All fonts should be embedded in your PDF file. This is to make sure that the fonts used in the creation of your artwork are replicated when printed. If you do not embed the fonts, they may need to be substituted and may not match those used in your artwork. When you create your PDF the fonts are generally embedded but please check before sending us your files.

Please include at least 3mm bleed on all sides of your artwork, for example if you require 210mm x 297mm trimmed size please supply your artwork as 216mm x 303mm making sure text is at least 5mm away from the bleed area.

Please leave this to us and supply your file as single pages or 1 up.

Please supply a laser proof of your work or .jpg file for reference.

To Upload artwork to us
Please click here to use our we transfer page.

Call 01293 660722 with any other questions about artwork guidelines